Monday, June 13, 2011

22 months.

This little stinker is 22 months. I can't believe it. He has quite the personality already too. He likes to look at me sideways with both eyes and then look away.
He loves to boss me around.
He often is caught saying: "Mommy, go count"....cause he wants to play hide and seek.
He's in love with his new BIG BOY BED...all we did was put the twin on the floor and bought disney sheets...yes, we are living the disney dream in this house....via "CARS".
He has been in his bed for a little over a week now...and it has been about 50/50...some nights are great...other's he wakes at 5am...or at 12...then come to find out...he cut 2 teeth this weekend..and has been nawing on his maybe that mixed with the "BED" transition...has thrown him off a bit. What's a girl to do? I just pull him in my bed and call it good. Heck, it's summertime!
Who can resist this toddler anyways?

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