Monday, June 13, 2011

One of my friend's turned 40! Say what?'s of my friends turned 40. The other day when I was telling someone that I was going to my friend's 40th b-day party...they were shocked. I guess I should be excited about that, but I am only 9 years away from my 40th b-day bash!!!!
Below is the BIRTHDAY of my favorite husband's in the valley. Oh, in case you were wondering...there is an 80's theme!
And the birthday boy's brother! here's the scoop...we rented the party bus to go from Victor, Idaho to Idaho Falls for a night of roller rink fun....with an 80's twist of course...oh and look someone even brought their own skates!
I was so excited. I could hardly stand it!
We all were. When was the last time you roller skated?
Nice legs! ps-these are his wife's maternity shorts....
We had some pretty serious conversations.
We had lots of smiles and laughter.
Nothing says 40 like a very big mustache!
Nice look Jordy. Nice look.
I think she won the 80's look...what do you think? CAn you believe she JUST had a baby?

We had like the best night ever. I have been wanting to do the party bus since my 30th b-day...but didn't....and it just brightened my summer. I think it's already my highlight! I love love love the party bus! Happy Birthday Todd! You rock!

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