Friday, July 29, 2011

Family time. Date days. And just good old summer days.

Summer is the BESTEST! I love it. I rarely sit still. We are always on the go. I love to fill my days full of activities until the sun goes down. But today it's just Whitty and me at the house...lounging...relaxing...reading...eating...and napping. We are watching a movie right now called Everyone's Hero. It's a baseball movie and Whitty loves baseball. The neighborhood kids let me borrow it for Whityn. I will let you know how it goes. Until then...I will fill you in a some summer fun we have been having...are you ready?
We went to a beautiful summer wedding. We tried to get a family picture...but the heat..and Whityn's inability to face the camera got in the way...oh well.
The boys have been getting pretty tight. Sometimes I get bummed that Whitty wants to HOLD daddy all the time...but then I am thankful for a break.
Once a week Jordy and I have been taking advantage of a date day while Whityn goes to school. It's been so nice to spend the day with my husband and to just hang and relax together. The last date day we went for a trail run up Teton Canyon (no bears) and ate lunch at the Branding Iron at Targhee and then went swimming. It was a blast. I know it will be coming to an end soon so we will continue to take advantage of it for a few more weeks.
Ahhh. Date Day. And reading.
Meanwhile when we are at the home front...we have been trying to strip Whitty down naked and have him try to pee-pee on rocks...with Jordy...he has been trying so hard and was finally successful last night. He is trying the potty at home and at school. He gets a sticker at school for every try...he usually comes home with 1 or 2. He has a sticker chart at home too. He also has a jar of m&m's too. He has yet to successfully pee-pee or poo-poo since I brought home the m&m's. Funny eh? I know it'll happen in time.
On a mission to find a place to potty.
Last week we brought home this new salmon colored umbrella. I love it.
Check out the Garage's newly stained!
Being naked allows for ample opportunities to photograph a baby toosh! I got a winner here the other night.
Sometimes if I am lucky...I also have FRIEND DATES too....last week I saw one of my favorite people 4 days in the same week...that's a rarity since she lives over the big hill and we both have lots of things going on all the time. We got together for a little hike and a swim was perfect!

I always get excited to come home to this little handsome fella! He loves a popsidadadadadada. He eats one almost everyday!

Had another great FRIEND ski lake with 2 other lovely ladies
And we took some jumping pictures...or lack there of.
Just kidding...we got some air.
These two are the dynamic duo that teaches first grade at the Wilson school. I love love them!
Summer is awesome Possum!!!

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