Monday, November 14, 2011

Don't make plans...or you will probably get sick! Just sayin'

So...Whitties and I had big plans of going to Utah this weekend to visit my pal Afton and her brood...but instead...we got fungis...tummy trubs and head colds with nasty coughs...yuck and I am still sick..haven't been to work in 2 days! Eeeesh! Instead of heading to sunny Utah...we headed to pick up antibiotics...and back home...Whityn wanted to play we did get some fresh air...but the wind was whipping and boy was it snowing!
So we did lots of this instead.

Meanwhile this project awaited Jordy and Bruce...this is my laundry room...yuck right. No wonder Laundry is such a hassle. Anyhow the plan was for me to leave to Utah and the boys remodel the Laundry room...well instead I was here.
And we: meaning me, Whityn and Bruce's little man Brayden were all in the house cooped up together....ugh. It was a little frustrating to be sick and have people in the house..but what do you do? And knowing that I was going to have a FINISHED laundry room was worth it!

Bruce left Friday afternoon...and Jordy kept going...painting the floor..chinking the logs...etc. That man is a workhorse.

ANd I finally gave in...if I couldn't leave..and I felt lousy...might as well make myself useful right? So, I put Whitty to work and MOD-podged everything around the dog bowl.
And then we began priming and painting this little bench that was given to us...I wanted to rid it of it's baby-ness and give it a BIG boy look for Whit's cars...
Whitty helped to prime too. He is such a little helper. He loves projects..he kept asking me, "mommy, wet's do anoder pwoject..."
Wah-la!!!! Take a look...what do you think? Sorry for the blurry Whit...but I am using my phone these I lost my camera ages ago (SUMMER FRANTI concert)...:(
all this is happening while Mr. Griffin is hard at work...drywall up...mudding up...chinked...floor painted...and now walls being painted....BUTTE rock...but Jordy and I like to call it BUTT-rock!!

Oops..forgot to mention that JOrdy hired out for someone to move the hot-water heater out of the laundry and into it's own little closet...this little closet is by my bathroom..and we don't really use now it's HOME to the hot-water heater...I think it's happy there! It will be happier when it has a door...but until then...I am happy it's out of my way!
And this used to be the pantry...but we ripped out the little cheesy shelves...mudded the walls...and Jordy painted it BUTT-rock too! Why not right? He is also going to paint the floor red...but in time my time. I am busy picking out my organizing system from IKEA for this pantry...right now my pantry is pictured will have to hold on. NOTE: Do you see the Allison and wonderland door back there? I just know Whitty will love to hide in there one day..but for now it houses things like batteries and water in case all HELL breaks loose. :)'s Jordy...and he is still working! Oh and that beautiful white thing is my new it from's from Pottery barn tho...but Down east is discounted things from pottery barn cause they have a small defect...I still haven't found the defect. And I love it....especially when it's full of food!
Back to the boys...Here is Whitty and Brayden enjoying snacks together at Whit's table...What a goofball Whitty is...when he says cheese...why do kids go through the funny "cheese" face?
And when have to be he crawled inside the washer...
And sat up on them too!
almost done. sorry for the blur!
Project Laundry room: completed. Machines are in...working...walls and floor just for some IKEA organizers...and trim...then it will be probably the 2nd nicest room in the house.

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