Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Skue's Halloween!

You might catch Whityn saying, "Skue me" if he bumps into you..or if he needs to get by...or if he's pretty funny. I am impressed by my kid's good manners. I do have to say that we got that right! So Monday was Halloween...right?...I hate Halloween on a Monday...not as a mom...but as a's like a BAD TEACHER JOKE! It's brutal! It's awful...I will stop get how I feel.
Despite how my day went on TUesday...Monday was fun!
Jordy got to escape school (because his kids had specials) and he got to meet up with Whit's daycare as they walked through town trick or he snapped a few pictures. The one below is Whityn and Emily (the preschool teacher)...I am not sure of the little angel...don't know her name...but she's cute. The Griffin's love Miss Emily...she baby-sits for us often!
What do you think of Whit's best "CHEESE"?
This is Whitty (the McQueen) pit crew guy at the hospital getting some "pwecial tweets"...Jordy said he was so cute...saying "twick or tweet" and please and tank you to all the candy holders! That warms my heart.
After school..JOrdy and I picked up Whit and headed into Driggs...where the little town does trick or treat on main we made 4 or 5 stops and called it good...the first one was the bookstore...and whit wanted the painted rocks...not the treats.
Then down the street we went to a few other stores...too cute. He wasn't quite sure what to think..but once we got into the car...he did say, "mom, i like candy"....hehehehee! Me too Whit! Me too!
We made a quick stop by our house...warmed up some sausage...grabbed my home-made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies...and off we went to Kate's house for her annual trick or treat party...her front porch looks awesome huh? We got in there...and Whit tried to empty her candy bowl into this pumpkin bag...and kept chanting "I go twick tweeting" we were forced to take him again!
The houses go all out in Brookside and Willowcreek! I love it!
Then I had to get my pit crew guy home and give him a bubble, he's handsome!
This one was tonight...November 2nd...Whit is gearing up for the BIG GAME on Saturday! If Uncle Kane could see him now? He grabbed my pom pom and wouldn't stop!
Out of the mouth of Whitty
This past week...Whitty woke up and we asked him what he dreamed about...he said..."I dweemed of Mator, McQueen and Poppa!" Too cute!

About 2 weeks ago...Whit and I were driving along...and he said, "I go to Uncle Kane's house..." and I said no, he lives in Alabama! Whit said, "I go to Alabama then"!

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  1. I kinda wanna bite and kiss him all over. He is gorgeous. You know how I usually think most kids are mongrels compared to mine, right? He is so darling. That means a lot coming from the secret mongrel patrol. Am I drunk? wow.. book club is rowdy in UTAH. Who knew?


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