Sunday, December 11, 2011

the late-lies....

So...a few weeks ago we hit up the knotty pine for a Friday night dinner...and were joined by was Whityn's first time...really exploring a restaurant....HENCE: RUNNING around like CRAZY with 3 other small children...good times!
oh...and Twig showed up after Thanksgiving...he's our elf! He's never...MIND YOU...on a shelf. I wish he would sit still, but he's busy doing things....LIKE....leaving a plate of snow donuts for my toddler....ahhhh...that little elf...
WHityn thought he was big time eating a plate of donuts...until we took them away...
This past weekend we took a personal day on Friday and took off to Lander, Wyoming. Our friends the SCHELLS live there and love to go and see the Schells. Whityn loved his time with Timmy and Charlotte. He got to sit at the kid table 2 days in a row...and I think he fell in love with Charlotte.
Blurry, but cute.
Friday night after dinner we did a FULL moon lantern walk at 0 degrees! The kids loved it. It invigorated me and excited me for the WINTER season.

Fast under the full moon.
Saturday Rene, the kids and I went to Riverton, Wyoming to hit up the WAL-mart...I had some secret Santa items to buy and some SUBS for santa items to buy....have you heard of SUBS before? It's in our town. Is it in yours?
After Wal-mart...we all tried for a luck! I managed to do 4 manicures and pedis...all kids under 4 including myself....we are truly ready for the holidays...especially Whit with his red toenails.

Then it was bath time!

And pjs...
WHityn McKay went to bed at a little after 6pm Saturday night! Miracle?!
Whit's crazy hair!
REne just started bountiful baskets! Do you have it in your town? SHe paid 25 dollars for her organic basket Saturday morning! I want to do it too....just haven't managed to sign up yet.
Charlotte hosted an ART class that involved drawing a book!
I hosted an ART class involved making reindeer was a hit too. WE were supposed to eat reindeer cookies too...but since no naps were cookies got eaten...BUMMER!

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