Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Peckhams came to Idaho: Part 1

I can't tell you how excited I was that my family was coming to visit...the only bummer was missing out on seeing the rest of the fam like Kane, Tina, Nannie, Aunt Eva, Uncle Greg and Joshua....but there is always next year right?
Anyhow Mom and Dad flew in without a hitch on Tuesday night and drove our truck over the was clear and dry so that was good! Jordy, myself and Whityn were at the Alta school watching the Christmas performance so we couldn't go and pick them worked out though.
We stayed up when they got there and munched on sandwiches...caught up and let Whit get used to having Nonna and Poppa around again...he was so EXCITED!!!!
Wednesday Nonna and Poppa stayed at home with Whityn. It was freezing they only did a tiny walk to the stop sign and back...but they got some playing...napping and snacking in!
Thursday night we had a WINTER solstice cocktail party at our house...and almost everyone that was invited bailed except for a few die-hards! We had a blast eating apps and sipping on warm spiced wine, sangria and white wines....oh so good. We even let the kiddos stay up in the TV room and watch Polar express...(which was Jensey and Whit) they were laying side by side with blankies and pjs...too cute!
Friday we went to Linn Ranch with just Nonna and Poppa...we let Whit party with the Stitts! WE had the most delicious meal and had fun talking and sipping cocktails together...
Saturday was Christmas eve...
Whit opened his first present which was a CARS coloring book with stickers...he thought he was in heaven. I thought it was precious to watch how excited he got to open one present...and how careful he was with the CARS paper...too funny.
Everyone opened a present on Christmas eve...Mom got a gLocket from the Griffins. My friend Afton Carson designed these and sells them now.
Dad got a pair of leather mitts with the JH cowboy on them!
Whit loved handing out the pressies to everyone! He just thought the whole thing was awesome!

Check out my new pjs mommy! We bought these in Chico! I loved them! Whit does too!
We cooked up a roast for Christmas eve hubs did the carving!
ANd you know who ate so much that he was rewarded by getting to eat his GINGERbread house from Cha-Cha....boy did he love that!
And while everyone went to bed...mommy and Poppa were busy at work assembling Whit's Rail and Rock quarry set from Cha-Cha! Brought back memories I am sure for my own dad. I had fun trying to put it together, but quickly needed my dad's assistance....hmpf! And the funny part wasn't even that hard.
Twig helped...he sat there!
ANd one good look at the tree on Christmas eve before going night night!!!
On Christmas day...we woke a little before 8 and headed downstairs but made sure to call the parents before going down so they could see his face....he was so excited to find his Rock quarry set.

And then his guitar....
And to begin the Griffin house..we take everyone gets a turn to open while others watch...then we show it off...and pass it around...etc. Sometimes we take food breaks and bathroom breaks...we try to take our time and make it last. This year we were opening presents until the 26th!
Relaxing and enjoying eachother on Christmas morning!
For me...for me!
What is it? It's a shaving set for me so that I can shave while daddy shaves!
What's in there daddy?
Holy boxes!!!!
And now for a break...check out my new coat from Aunt Ramey and Uncle Max!!! I love it!
And my new puffer pants! Aren't they cool...I am so warm!

A cookie snack on the front porch....sunny and snowy....perfect!
And all that while the TURKEY was a' the oven....a 20 pound bird mind you that was going to feed us, the Peckhams and the Stitts....Wahoo!
Dad visits the kitchen to heat up some spinach...
Over the next few days...we hunkered down due to cold weather...and then their was a BIG WARM we went outside to play.

We had so much fun with my parents. We can't wait to see them again soon. More pictures to come, but for now HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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