Friday, June 22, 2012

CHANGE...and 2 wheels!

So Sunday...2 days after school was out Whitty and I moved the family up (us + dogs and cat) to the RANCH just outside of Dubois...Daddy moved on he was there when we arrived...
Lots of staff to meet....quite overwhelming...but beautiful!
Boys ages 11-17 arrived on Wednesday...interesting day!
Very busy...and intense...
Whitty and I were ready for Victor on we drove home! :) We had planned to stay up at the ranch til Monday...but needed some friend time...and the comfort of our house..
Daddy drove home LATE Thursday night and spent 24 hours with us!!!!
We hit up Pendls for breakfast pretty late....the griffins slept in...all of us!
This way people!
Then we went to Fitzgeralds and Daddy bought Whityn a new orange strider!

Then we went for our first bike ride as a family! It was awesome!

This little guy led the was hilarious...awesome...amazing...and impressive!

I can't believe our baby is riding a bike!

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