Thursday, June 7, 2012

zoo and Teton Valley Ranch BBQ

A couple of weeks ago we went to Kelly Wyoming for a Teton Valley Ranch camp BBQ.  Whitty did some serious outdoor time. 

It was fun to be in the same place where Jordy and I used to live when we were dating.
The view was amazing.
Here is Liz's house (one of Jordy's co-workers)...she and her family come up on the weekends and in the summer to romp and stomp. All I have to say is LUCKY. She has 3 boys. Whityn could not eat his dinner due to all the boy toys and flare around this place.
Over the weekend...we put in some park time...the boys raced there!

A few weeks ago I took little man to the zoo. 
We brought Millie and Karen with us.

We had a fun time feeding the BARN animals.

ANd riding the chicken.

They were too cute together.

Seeing the otters was my favorite.
AFter the zoo Karen and I tried to hit up a few stores for some preggo shirts...and other items...look who fell asleep in the cart sitting up...HILARIOUS.

Whitty has been doing some visits to Kindergarten lately because he has been hitching a ride to preschool with some Alta moms. He loves my classroom and loves seeing the kids.

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