Monday, November 19, 2012

1 MONTH AND other little things.

Madden is 7 weeks today...but I am NOT that far BEHIND!
 After 4 weeks of pretty much EYES closed...Madden has now decided to open them a bit more!

 But he is still a sleepy little guy...Whitty was not this sleepy....maybe it's cuz he's 3 weeks early...
 Seems like everyone is sleepy except for the NIGHT owl mama!
 Sometimes I amaze myself at my ability to carry on. Sometimes I am ONE IMPATIENT person...but mostly with this robot here and my hubs...bummer for them!
 This is becoming a weekend HABIT...making pies...or other little treats...

 This little guy is beginning to look at me but LOVES to look for at AT Whitty McKay Griffin.

 While the wee one sleeps we have still managed to get outdoors. It's not much...but it's something.
 And sometimes I just bring the wee one with me...which he loves...
 And then this is the product of wearing your baby!
 Sometimes we make it out for ice cream...mostly we make it to gymnastics...but I don't have any pictures of that. We have been regulars tho. We go usually every Monday and Tuesday for an hour. It's helps Whitty to get his ya-yas out and for me to get OUT somewhere safe with the baby...and to not feel anxious...
 And sometimes we just VEG out on PBS...thank god for cable right now!
 We are pushing up hard...doing some tummy time...
 Madden loves the occasional swaddle...not always tho. WHitty wouldn't sleep without the swaddle...or the swing...or the shhhhhhhh....or the.....
 THis one just goes to sleep!

Such a snuggle bug. We love these new pjs from Bill and Bev Reed. They are always so kind to send us gifts for both boys all the time. So sweet.

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