Monday, November 5, 2012

THE "GREAT" Nonna...

So when my water broke my mom was notified right away and damn sure enough she was on a plane a day later to be with her grandchildren. 
Having my mom here was VERY helpful. She held babies...made dinners...taxied preschoolers...cleaned shopped in jackson with a major case of the PINK eye (YIKES)...folded clothes and even marched them upstairs to be put away. 
Moms are great because you can dress like a slob in front of them...have your boobs hanging out in front of them...freak out in front of them...fall asleep in front of doesn't matter because it's your mom and I couldn't imagine having anyone else here for that length of time.
Who else would instruct Whityn on how to feed a newborn a bottle (when clearly he is focused on Curious George on the TV)...
 Who else would snuggle Madden so soft and warm and sacrifice their own bladder exploding?

 Who else would stay inside all cozy by the fire and allow me to head outside to be with this little owl?

 Cause without Nonna...this is what I am left with. And look closely cause Madden has resorted to feeding himself. :)
 For a minute anyhow...
Thank you Nonna for coming to the rescue...cause clearly we can't raise children without you or that's how you see it. We are lost without you. Let us know when you are coming back so that we can look forward to eating again and having a clean house. Love you.

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