Sunday, March 3, 2013

Winter fun! January!

We have been doing lots of smiling.
ANd getting outside as well. Whitty is now obsessed with we have been 

We have been trying to get outside...cause lord knows this 3 year old is full of crazy energy.
All the better to brother smother...right?!
This is just down the road at Mike Harris pull out where  I have seen kids and adults alike sledding. 

Whitty thought it was awesome. Jordy and I thought  this 3 year old was going entirely too fast down a hill. Yikes!
Momma and Baby Madden give it a try!
Then we decide that we are better suited for the woods. There is nothing more serene and beautiful than walking in the woods while it's snowing...breathtaking!

Daddy and the wee one giving it a go!
When daddy was last out of town...mommy whipped up an Italian pizza bread kit....bought for some fundraiser...YUM!

Whitty was working on going to sleep without crying while daddy was away...and he earned the tootie fruity you remember this stuff? It makes the best tootie noises. 

Such a mild mannered little guy.

Breaking out the bumbo!
More brother smothers!
It's all smiles for this guy.

Snow monster.

REaching the floor and little bounces

Hey...look Whitty is hugging not hurting! 

BAck outside with the little man.

Tummy time.

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  1. Your littlest man is getting so big! and big brother is such a cutie. I know they keep you busy! Beautiful pics, such a neat place for your boys to grow up, just a tad jealous!


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