Friday, April 5, 2013

Flying time.....zoom!

Snuggly Buggly
Bumbo practice!
Brother smother! Whitty loves his little brother...loves to hug him...kiss him...put cars on his little circles around him and obsess over him. 
Madden just loves Whitty too. He loves to stare at him...laugh with him...and giggle along with him.

Miss Sarai (our nanny)takes such good care of Madden through the week. I am so thankful that we found her. We just love having Madden and Whitty together at the house. It makes life easier.

My friend Carrie came over with her new baby girl Emerson. Little Emerson was born into her mommy's arms on the bottom of Teton Pass. Carrie delivered her own little baby while her husband sped to the hospital. Crazy. Mom and baby are great. Emerson's big brother Chase is one of Whitty's favorite people. It was fun to snuggle a little girl being that I won't have one of those. 

Madden Kane is such a limber little baby. He is already eating his feet on a daily basis. 

Emerson and Madden sitting in the tree.
Floor time. Madden is such a happy little fella! He just goes with the flow and enjoys being a part of our family.

I laugh every time I look at this picture. It's just cute.

Little Maddy Moodles. He is gonna be a blondie...sooner or later.

Momma and her cubs
The Griffin's went to Idaho Falls to grocery shop for the month of March. We wanted to save some money since we only have one CRAZY expensive grocery store in Driggs. So we drove an hour to get groceries almost 50% off.                                                
Full pantry. Yea! It makes me so happy.

The Fam Jam. 
A few weeks ago we went up to the Whiskey Basin  just outside of Dubois, Wyoming. We met our good friends the Schells there. It was so fun. They have 2 little kids Charlotte and Timmy. They played well together especially Timmy and Whitty. It was pretty cute. Timmy sure was fond of me and Madden too. So cute.

Dessert on the couch while watching "Don't let the Pidgeon  drive the bus"
Spiffed up!
Jordy does bedtime stories!

Breakfast bootie shake!

Out and about! Madden loves to go for walks...and is just very even tempered about anything we do with him!

We went to Tommy-girl's house for a baby date...Madden enjoyed playing on her blankies and changing environments.

We we came home just in time for a game of Optometrist! Band-aids on the face...OUCH!

This kid loves popcorn and a movie...he comes by it pretty honestly though...

Whitty and I have started these little date nights once every other week...where after dinner we go down to the gas station and they have a little restaurant in there called Sunny Side. They serve soft serve with toppings...but my little guy just likes a vanilla cone.

Every now and then I get a night myself or with a bestie...
this is rachel making me dessert (frozen bananas in her food good)

Madden eating feet.

More brother smother!

Family ROCKS!

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