Friday, April 5, 2013

PIcture post with mini updates.

Madden loves his cannot be destroyed!
Dinner with the stitts...Jensey feeds Madden. This little peanut has fed both of my boys...Crazy.

DAds with babies are kinda sexy...doncha think?

The Griffin clan goes swimming.


It was warm enough to be outside...ahhhh. Vitamin D
For an early B-day pressie Jordy took me to the Alpine wines for a painting and dinner night. I had so much fun.

We ate...we drank...and we even finished a painting!

Best date night in awhile!
Spring Fun run with Rachel...and a little spa action afterwards.
Whitty ran a mile...then I carried him the last 2!

More vitamin D!
And it's my boys bought me an ice cream cake from DQ and it has peanut butter cups...ahhh! 

I found this cute little recipe on pinterest for my class...but we tried it out on whitty's called breakfast sushi...
Take a banana
Cover it in peanut butter
Roll it in rice krispies
Slice into sushi slices
EAT it!


Birthday weekend!

Jordy made us corned beef and year ever! 

Madden is the happiest guy ever. He just makes our family complete.
ON a side 3 year old's foot is huge...these are BIG boy shoes! Crazy!

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