Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Nature Boy = 4 years and Bam Bam = 1 year

Well, Nature boy (aka Whitty) is obsessed with everything living great and small...especially small though. Today he brought a lady bug into school with him...it was alive thankfully. I only say that because last week Nature boy carted around a dead worm for days telling everyone he was sleeping. Right?! Nature boy captures bugs...critters and creatures all day outside and inside..thank goodness we bought him a creature catcher (aquarium type thing) to hold all his critters in. Right now it has a huge night crawler in it...complete with a mound of dirt...an apple that he picked off a tree and a carrot that he harvested at Little Birch. I can't wait to see where this will take him. I love his passion for nature and being outside.

Meanwhile...Bam Bam (Madden) is a little flapper happy which means he likes to smack...flap...dance....bang...smash (on the trash can just to get my attention)...beat (on the toilet to also get my attention)...Today while playing with a little girl at her house (Sevi)...Madden picked up her electronic toy (one of those little steering wheels that makes 27 different sounds) and smacked her head with it....OH.MY.GOD. Thank goodness she is a tough little cookie and didn't let out a squeal, but he is starting to monkey see...monkey do...and guess who has been smacking him in the head with toys...yep, you guessed it...Whitty McKay...Bam Bam is a snuggler too though...he is quick to hug and kiss and engage with you. However I gotta get him under control. He is a wild one! Watch out!

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