Tuesday, November 5, 2013

squirmy wormy bormy…all nice and squirmy wormy

Whitty often would wake up singing/saying "Squirmy wormy bormy…all nice and squirmy wormy" and we thought it was so funny. We often request a "squirmy worm". 4 year olds are funny. weird. exhausting. whiny. energetic. sweet. simple. insane. are you GETTING my drift here? Little Whitty exhaust me, but I love him dearly and he tells me he loves me over 20 times a day. When I ask him about why he says it so much…he just says it's on his brain a lot. I love that. That's real right?!

These fall days have found Whitty and I baking away while baby Madden takes his naps. We love everything pumpkin. These are pumpkin muffins with a chocolate chip inside. That was Whitty's idea. YUM. I think I ate most of them. Oops. 
Oh Madden….he was happy to be included once he woke from his very short afternoon nap. He is such a happy…go lucky…wild…little 1 year old.
And then there was Halloween prep… Whitty and I must of bought a pumpkin every time we saw one…and then some friends gave us some…and then our neighbors gave us one…and boom…almost 20 pumpkins of all sizes in our house. I LOVED IT. Whitty loves pumpkins too. 
He did some thinking about Halloween this year. He has a pirate, spiderman, and a purple dragon costume that fit him. He decided that he wanted to be wood. HA! How creative right? So…we went to the thrift store…bought some pants…borrowed a brown hoodie and then spend 20 minutes hot gluing on birch bark that we collected out in the back fields behind our townhouse. Needless to say…for school he dressed as Spidey and for Trick or Treating he dressed as a purple DRAGON…again! Same as last year.

Hey Madden, Nice one-piece sweater, said no one ever…haha. But hey…doesn't he make this box look cute?
And then….it snowed…little flakes began to fall and they did that for awhile. Crazy that it's been snowing in Idaho/Wyoming for awhile now. Glad to have winter arrive a bit later here in Vermont. Oops…I said it…and BOOM! Here comes the snow. Whitty was so jazzed…he went from underoos to snow clothing in 2 minutes to get out there.
And then we had to bribe him to return inside…he can't wait for the snow this year. He is going to be skiing and skating this year I bet. 
We were lucky enough to be invited to a Halloween party in Mo'ville this year. We actually looked at this house 3 times and ended up meeting the couple who owns it…and ta-dah…we got invited to the party..yea! The theme was "Hollywood"…so we went as "Holly" and "Wood"…super fun! 
At Wee explorers (Whitty's preschool) we went TOWN trick or treating…this is from the local bakery…they handed out home-made cookies…YUM.
And then we went back to the classroom and had snacks…among them were apple-jelly-almond lips. They were yummy. PINTEREST has forever changed a simple Halloween party. Crazy! As a mom…it's overwhelming…as a teacher…I always handed that over so it was different this year being a visitor to a party…fun to see it through Whit's eyes though…meanwhile Madden slept the entire party in the ERGO. Way to go Mads!
These two love to be outside…this picture shows both of them doing their thing…WHIT in the dirt…hunting for seeds and Madden following behind but with a bat. Love them both.
First Halloween in VERMONT. Holy RAINY night…it was fun. We took the boys to Maple street in the village and it poured the whole time…but they rode the wagon smiling for over an hour getting treats. Whit was into it this year. He even got to walk into his first spooky (haunted) house. Madden was also super excited to get in and out of the wagon with his bucket and follow Whitty to the door. So cute. 
Madden has been quite the little stinker…this morning he hid my car keys and we couldn't find them for almost an hour…they were at the bottom of a toy basket…we wrecked the place looking for them. We also believe he is responsible for my missing credit card. Ugh. He hides everything…remotes…wedding rings…toothbrushes…you name it…and he can grab it…it's gone. He loves to throw it away. 
But man…he's cute huh?! This week we are packing up…YET AGAIN! We bought a house…on 10 acres with a barn…a coop and an amazing yard. WE are beyond excited. However…I HATE MOVING.
While taking breaks of putting our STUFF into more boxes…we get outside. We get outside as much as we can. These two love to get out. They adore each other. They love to romp across the big fields behind our rental to the soccer field…the woods and the elementary playground. I love watching them together. It warms my heart. It makes me laugh and sometimes makes me crazy when they terrorize each other.
So…this is the BIG slide at Morrisville Elementary playground..it's terrifying…crazy and fun. Although I have never been on it…I am judging by the kids screams as they cruise down it. Whit has been too scared to do it since the end of June when we moved to town…but now…after kinda getting pushed by another little boy…he is very INTO the slide. 
And his bro is not far behind…I have to hold Madden in my arms to keep him from climbing up after his brother. After holding him down for a bit…he eventually gives in and heads another direction…usually towards something dangerous….ahhh…a toddler after my own heart. 
And that is lately…I can't believe how ALIVE Madden seems…yesterday and today he started to say "uh-oh" and "dig-R"…too cute. He calls Whitty DD…calls Jordy Dada or Dadu…and sometimes says momma…and dis for THIS….it's so fun seeing it all everyday. I will never get this time back. 
GLAD we moved.

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