Saturday, November 23, 2013

Moving is insane and fun all at the same time

So…we are all moved into our new place in Vermont. Well, the stuff is in the house…moving in is an on-going process with children. Shoot, it's a process without children. I am so thankful for the basement right now cause I just buck down empty boxes…blankets…anything that want break right down those stairs so that I can focus on the kitchen/living/bedroom situation. 
This picture was taken the night we closed in Stowe. We drove out to celebrate with a run around the place. We simply can't believe it's ours. 
This Maple syrup was made right here on our property. The man who lived here before us tapped some trees and made his own. He left this for us after the closing. We are excited about eating it up on some pancakes and making our own. Yea!
I took this little family selfie the night of closing in front of the fireplace. We were so pumped. 
So this picture shows we exist inside…things are still getting moved…put away…put up and changed…but we are in and WE.ARE.LOVING.IT.
Rupert is super duper happy and he didn't need much to move right in!
Happy boys reading! WE LOVE THIS PLACE…the lazy boy in front of the fire is a family favorite…for books…snuggles…computer time…reading or sleeping. Whitty unpacked a lot of my teacher boxes and found my stash of Mercer Mayer books. He is in heaven. He sat there and read for an hour. Wow!

First bath at Farm Hill. The boys LOOOOOOVVVVE this huge garden tub with jets. There is so much room and lots of bubbles. Whitty could stay in it all night and Madden loves to get in…play for a few…bath and hop right out. So funny.
This was the look outside the 2nd day in. Winter wonderland. The boys were thrilled!
Oh Rupert…how we love you. You are the best dog!

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