Friday, January 1, 2010

find the balance.

New Years Eve began with Jord, me and Whit heading to Driggs for wine and dinner pick up.
then we got back home for a few pictures, bath, and bedtime for Whit.
the cook began....brie, stuffed olives, WINE, shrimp, steaks, asparagus, WINE....
Yummy dinner for two at the griffin house...note: jordy's muscle shirt and my not so CLEAN hair.
We streamed LIVE footage from NYC to watch THAT big ball drop...guess who woke 57 seconds before it we ran to grab him and brought him down to take a looksie!!!
whit went back to bed....jordy and mommy-moo made a NEW Years Ressie:FIND the BALANCE 2010. VAGUE...yes, but something we are working hard on this year. Between work, family, EXERCISE, personal time, friends....being in the mountains....etc etc etc....we will work hard to BALANCE it all. So...we typed it out....taped it to the fridge.
we made it until midnight...and brought in the NEW year in color...PINK champagne that is!!!! Last year this night...i was bed...preggo...half miserable.....with Kane in town....and REALLY REALLY tired. P.S- I'm back!!!!

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