Sunday, January 17, 2010

Soul Powder!

Busy weekend....Friday evening was spent with Millie and Karen just catching up at my house...then off for a beer at the KNotty Pine. Saturday was errands and a 4 hour nap for me and Whit (guess we were tired)...we made fish tacos...watched a movie....
SUNDAY: I ran....whoo hoo!!!! So did Jordy...but we took turns due to a napping baby....then we went to the NEW VIctor "ice rink"...which was having a little fundraiser for Haiti...(anything you bought that is) all GOES to "Doctors without borders"...they raised a little over $800.00 yesterday..not sure what the total today was, but we were there...we donated...we ate hotdogs and drank cocoa...AND THE SUN was out!!!! Then, we did something that we haven't done in YEARS (atleast not on our own)....
WE went to church!
Yep, you heard me...we went to church up in Alta...we read in the paper that they started this 5pm service for skiers, snowboarders...etc CALLED "SOUL POWDER"
(so come as you are cause we don't care) kinda appealed to we was nice. We liked the casual-ness of it...WHit was great. He made lots of noise during the songs...and lots of noise when the songs stopped...Jordy had to take him out for a few minutes..but he loved the guitar....and looking at the people. It was fun...something different...can't say that is charged me spiritually...but it was fun to do together....and we are still looking for that thing that grabs idea is to have some sort of "CHURCH" in our upstairs apartment...where we choose a topic and everyone that comes has to share a story or an article on that topic...and we put IN and GET out of it.....we are brainstorming...any ideas? I would love to hear 'em!!!!


  1. Good for you for going to church. It's hard...we've just started going. I haven't been in a LONG uh 15 years kind of long time. Love the pics of you and Whit, you are such a fun momma, Whit is so lucky! And precious too! :)

  2. I've got an idea. "Church" of Jordy's half-pipe-shirts. Everyone brings a t-shirt. Preferably one that has some type of meathead saying like, "Give blood play hockey" or "Real men play rugby". Then everyone gets together to rip the sleeves and cut the bottoms off of their shirts. The key is to walk around in these shirts in the winter when no one else would ever wear one of these shirts. (No one but Jordy should wear them anyway). Now you and your members all have team shirts and follow Jordy into the basement to pump iron.


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