Sunday, January 24, 2010

THE week------end!

Friday came just in time....Whit had his 5 month wellness check....these are his stats:
15 llbs 7 oz (still in the 45th %tile)
28.25 inches long (back on the chart....95th %tile)
After the appointment, Whit and I went for a milkshake at the Victor Emporium....and then off to meet Jord and friends at WILDlife brewery.
The real fun began early Saturday morning when THE griffins packed an overnight bag, threw the dogs in the truck, and loaded up a sweet sleeping baby to head to Lava Hot Springs, Idaho.

We tried to go about 2 months ago for Jord's birthday...but we were new parents...Whit was new to his carseat and let's just say it didn't work we tried again...and made it. Boy, is this a neat place...we loved are some highlights from our weekend get-a-way...

arriving at the lava hot springs was a snowy drive and slow going
what to do next....check out our room key (it's an old skeleton key)...this place was so cool!
getting ready for some hot pools....check out whit in his swim trunks...THANKS Afton!
Jord was sooooo excited about Whit's swimmy suit....maybe a bit jealous too.
ahhhhh. he loved it. there were tons of pools...and we found one that was like bath water for Whit...PERFECT!
he looked right at home...wasn't that long ago when he was swimming around in my tummy.
I had so much fun sharing this experience with make everything BETTA!!!!
after soaking....we checked out the local eateries...we decided on the RIVERwalk (thai food) yummy! this is what whit did while we enjoyed our meals...I recommend A4 for those who plan on traveling here soon!!!!
after dinner....we stopped by the some ben & jerry's icecream...put on our pjs...watched some TV...and whit put jordy to sleep!
woke up sunday morning....had breakfast (which is included) downstairs...pretty good!
Then we just mosi-eeeed on back to Victor (which was just under a 3 hour drive) and we found ourselves bellied up to the TABLE at Scratch to EAT again....we love this place...the food is amazing..the beer too...atmosphere is perfect and little people are excepted!
jord bugs whit constantly...and he LOVES it! hehehe
this is little Ava..pictured here...she is 7 months...and goes to daycare with whit....her mommy was also in my natural childbirth class ....I got to get my hands on her at scratch...they could be twins...with their blue eyes....maybe a future girlfriend instead! We had a wonderful weekend...full of excitement and travels....HERE's to a new week!

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  1. That looked like such a FUN trip! The springs were really neato!!!! So glad Whit loved it. And you're do make everything better! :)


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