Sunday, May 16, 2010

THIS is what we did. What did you do???

My weekend was full of sunshine and about yours?
Friday night we met up with some pals at "Grumpy's goatshack"...if you are from around here and haven't done Grumpys...then you need to get on it. It's literally a shack RIGHT in town and you can sit outside...feed goats...AND eat yummy hotdogs...yes, hotdogs..they are so good. I recommend John's Wing Ding.
The Stitt's were there...and Jensey was snuggling up with Whityn. She loves him. He loves her too. Notice the saltine in Whit's's his new thing.
OMG. How cute are they? I am thinking of ways to ADOPT Jensey..I don't think her parents would be into the idea, but I sure am. She is the best little helper and Whityn adores her.
Snaggin' hats.
After 'DOgs...jordy, me and Whit ventured home to watch a movie ONLY to fall asleep 20 minutes into it...oh well.

SATURDAY...Whitties and I headed up to the Alta school to check on my incubator...(which is full of 15 eggs) ready to hatch any day I needed to make sure no fine feathered birdies were hanging out in there. THERE were none....dangit. But Whit and I managed to get a swing ride in...slide down the slide...and play wiffle ball in the grass

Then we stopped by Augustus' house (a little boy in my class) to pick up some HAND-me-downs for Whit...and we ended up staying for a while....eating their backyard.
Then...we went to the watch chickens...This is Whityn's spot...where he holds down the chicken coup and keeps it under control.
Listening to the bluebirds...who just made our BIRDhouse their home. YEAH.

I swear he says just "MOM"'s funny.
Good 'ole Wynnie just enjoying the sun.
Wild Rupert taking a break from chasing cars...his new trick. UGH.
AND guess what else.....GUESS who came to VISIT.......
Nonna Sharon drove up from Manilla, soak up some precious moments with her little snuggle bug. We are excited to have her here.
Shortly after she arrived Jordy and I asked to leave for a half hour or so to cruise around on our cruiser bikes...ahhhhhhh...a short date.
****OH YEAH...I forgot a snippet on Saturday night, my school performed the Princess and the pea with the help of Missoula Children's theatre. It was so amazing...(glad I got to see the dress rehearsal...because Whit was singing aLONG so loud..we had to excuse ourselves to the lobby)...hehehe. Glad the sun is back. More pictures soon. I promise.

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