Sunday, May 23, 2010

WE call it big'll see.

Check out this little muffin. He is pulling up stand's a LONG body to pull up. He reaches things that he shouldn't yet. My mom says Kane was the same way.

Note the very cute top (cowboys all over...matching pants)...I have accumulated 3 HUGE garbage sacks of hand-me-downs...and let's JUST say WE scored...especially when he fits into 12-18 month clothing...
Daddy left us early on Friday to head off into the Lander, Wyoming Sunset. He was off to get "POPPY"....while he was away...Whit, Jensey and I did play...we ate BLT's and watched a fun. Saturday was relaxing...I had some SERIOUS Whityn time and I loved it. We got together with Karen and Millie for coffee. NO pics..but I will paint you a picture of Millie *PIGtails, sesame street overralls...RED muck boots...DARLING!
Jordy arrived late afternoon without "POPPY" due to the SNOW falling sideways...HARD. So, he left it in Wilson, Wyoming. Ugh. When he got to Victor...we headed of the the Paicuilli's for PIZZA night.
Jordy visits with the kiddos. Whityn was HARD at the drums.
Daddy entertains too. Whit loves his new FABRIC drum with accessories that I picked up from Jack and Jills.
Whit went to town EATING...luckily before we all ate...because right after this cucumber..I was PRO.JEC.TILE. vomited on. Yikes...guess he was full.
Here is the amazing CAKE that followed the BEST pizza in TETON Valley. Don't worry...Whit didn't get any.
HAVE you ever played spoons? If not, you should...with a group of friends. It's fun. We played for hours on Saturday night while Teya and Whit shared a room...not a crib..but a room.
BIG poppy!!!! you have probably been wondering this whole time huh...well, SUNDAY morning Jordy, me and Whityn drove over TETON pass to FETCH our NEW pop-up. Beforehand we ate at Nora's in Wilson with Rachel and her cute boyfriend Chris. They met us at the POP-up to help load it up..and Rachel mentioned naming I did. BIG POPPY??? What do you think?
Back home in Victor. We popped it up..cleaned it out...loaded it up for our FIRST camping trip to the Flaming Gorge. We are headed down for Memorial Weekend...and to see the parents! Jensey came over for a while too. She is a big helper. Her mommy went for a run and she helped me clean the chicken shack...and feed Whityn a snack....while feeding him..I overheard her talking to him..."you know I am your best friend Whityn"....and "don't open your mouth with food makes me not want to sit next to you."....I love 5 year olds.
Other view. I am soooo excited. You have no idea.
PS- We are selling this beauty. Know anyone who wants to buy it. Let me know. I am bummed...but I don't know any parents who take their Harley out for a spin with their 9 month old. hehehe.

**ALso, I have been meaning to write this down...but I have neglected to. At 9 months old, which was 5/9/10 I stopped nursing Whityn. I am really bummed that I didn't make it to a year. To be was overwhelming when I returned to work. I tried my hardest and made it longer than some. It was truly an amazing experience. I loved nursing and I miss it terribly.
**On another note...Whit sleeps mostly in his crib. He has been waking up around 4am lately and I bring him into our bed. He sleeps til I wake him around 6am. I miss having him in our bed ALL the time. He seems to like his space though and welcome the snuggles too.
Okay...enough of my baby/personal info....but i want to remember it when I look back.


  1. I think pop up campers are the coolest! I have always really wanted one...Adam's parent's have one and they love it! I think it's so super AWESOME that you nursed 9 months! A lot of moms don't even bother to do that. One of the things that I hated about not nursing was well...not nursing, but also my weight started creeping up...ugh. I'm sure you will have no look so GREAT!

  2. Hey girl!! (You look great BTW!!) I need your email for my blog, had to go private, so I want to have you on there! Email me at


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