Monday, May 3, 2010

48 hours.

ON my way to plant trees...gotta have a drink.
hanging with the ladies..they have their cider and I got my milk.
Hanging with my MAY.
getting loved on.

Our weekend was crazy...all at the same time...I will try to sum it up for you as best as I can.
Here goes nothing:
Friday night was a LAY low kinda night...because we have been breaking up our week by doing "KID" trade outs with our friends "The Stitts" on Wednesdays and Thursdays. It's been great. Back to FRiday...we just hung out, watched a movie and did nothing since WE had to be up early to PICK up trees at a local nursery for my school. My school is involved in a tREE planing project....learn more right HHHHEEERRRREEEE! With that being said, we had 18 trees to plant Saturday morning...beginning at 8:30 we took it easy Friday night. we around 11:45 planting, conversing, laughing. watering, stomping, pictures....more laughing...staking...root shaking...digging...digging...digging. Whitties was a trooper. He only had to make one trip inside. Jordy wore him in the ERGO while it snowed and blowed around us. He seemed to love watching the kids and most importantly the MINI-excavator. He loved it. So around 11:45 the Griffin family called it a morning at the Alta school and headed on down to Idaho Falls. I was on a CHICKEN mission and Jordy was on a rifle mission. Hmmmm. Last fall, we suffered the loss of 3 I was determined to try one last time. I found some White Leghorns on Craigslist.....haha. They were 12.oo a bird. So, we headed that way...about 5 miles outside of Idaho Falls...we were talking...laughing...sipping coffee...when the CAR in front of us drifts off the road to the right....(maybe they are falling asleep at this point..we don't know)...but then the CAR QUicKLY corrects the drift with a swerve to the left and went airborn 2 rolls and landed on the hood in the ditch. WE (being the car behind them and the ONLY car on the road)...are the first ones on the scene....I call 911. Jordy jumps out of the car, sprints across the road...and proceeds to help these two elderly people...Dale and Janette. Bless them. THey were older...frantic...hurt. Jordy knew he wasn't supposed to move them..but because the car was on it's hood...and they were frantic and couldn't breathe well....Jordy made the decision to just get them out. By this time...another man was on the scene helping Jordy. It was crazy. Scary. I think Dale and Janette will be okay. We hope they are. To spare you all the details...jordy fills out the this time Whitties is AWAKE in the backseat...totally aloof to the ACTION all around him.
We eat, head to MANLAND (sportsmans warehouse) to get the rifle...then on to the chicken mission...we buy 4 chickens...load 'em up. We head our blessings.
Sunday: Jordy had a total MAN day and shot guns with other men...sounds thrilling huh? I ate lunch with bunches of mommies, went for a WINDY walk...took a nap with Whitties...then went to the neighbors for MOOSE tac0-itas-chiladas....or something like that. It was a wild weekend....and tonight MONday...the family was supposed to go and watch DONKEY basketball at the Teton highschool. It ended up being just me because Whit fell asleep and we felt bad waking him up. It was a total riot. Youtube it. You'll laugh.

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  1. Oh MY GOSH!! That's awful about the wreck in front of nice of you guys to help. And I wished I could raise chickens. To me..the little brown eggs are so much better than the white ones and you know what they have been eating. Awesomeness!!


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