Sunday, October 17, 2010

a few things.

Just words really:
Picked Whityn up last week and Gloria (one of his teachers) says to me, "Lauryn, he is really going to be the class clown"...and I couldn't help but laugh....and be terrified too. eeesh. I guess during lunch, he really hams it up and tries to get the other kiddos to join in. He is successful too she says. Dangit Whit!!!! heheheeh.

This weekend:
It seems like every single moment something is changing and growing...Whityn is only's insane...he is so very proud of himself....I am proud of him too. He loves dancing as of this weekend...I had the music on...bluegrass and he was shaking his head...moving in circles...flapping his I changed it to hip hop to see if I could get some real moves...and he completely I put "bluegrass" on again..and wham...there he went shaking funny.

Whityn is saying LOTS and LOTS of "NO"...but in addition to that, he is signing: please, thank you, all done, more, milk, eat and he makes up some other's so cute. I love it.

more where that came from later when I remember it...and when I remember my camera cord to load new pics...speaking of pics...WE (me, whit, and jord) got our pictures taken last week in the was so fun...can't wait to show yah soon.
until then...13 days 'til Halloween....yeehaw.

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  1. What is Whityn going to dress like for Halloween? That is soooo much fun!! :)


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