Sunday, October 3, 2010

was that really a weekend?

so remember that whityn was with my parents until while he was away...we managed to rally a "DATE" night up for Thursday night...we went to Forage (Driggs ressie) yummy...then we ran over to the market for some good ole Ben and Jerry's....nothing ends a date like icecream? right? :)

Friday we had class til 9pm...came home, rehearsed our "presentation" for the class the next day...called to talk to my parents and check on whitty...went to bed...
woke early to head to Middle school for class...spent all day inside...til after 4..then busted it down to Manilla, Utah...
the following pictures are the parts of the weekend...WORTH documenting!

The good 'ole Vacation Inn ...where my parents are until another 27 days...
WHityn was a happy little camper with his Nonna and Poppa Skip...didn't miss a beat...a little cranky on Saturday I guess mom said...she thought his TEETH were bugging him...
***Mom, you were right...on the way home...when I looked real close...guess what was peaking through his gums....those pointy little incisors...***
Top of the morning to yah!
Apparently while Whit was down in Utah and we were in Idaho...WHityn went on a number of Golf Cart rides...and he LOVES that dang thing! So we took him for a few spins too.
OUr family!
Checking out some deer and horses
watching the salmon spawn
I am soooooo going to miss that my parents are RIGHT down the road!!!!
check out that view...FLAMING gorge
excuse me sir, could you please not get any closer?
with my nonna
i love her.
she does whatever i want...."i think"
except eat rocks!

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