Monday, October 11, 2010

his name is william wallace...we call him carl

meet the new kitty...jordy finally got to name a boy "William Wallace"...after his grandpa...I call the kitty Carl...but whatever!
Whityn is obsessed with Carl....and it's potentially dangerous.
See this little pew that Whit is sitting friend Rachel picked it up for me at a garage was in my classroom as a "THINKING" spot...but I painted it..and brought it home cause it's the perfect size for you know who...he loves it...he logs lots of hours sitting, standing, sitting, standing...
get mommy.
the dogs are so 3rd string right now...they barfed in the office...and it's neon jordy and I kicked them out into the shop last Friday...
however, they are still high on Whit's list!
I am loving this walking thing.
Last week we got a SURPRISE box on the front was from Ramey...a box of toys...books and goodies from the Caulkins house!!!! What a fun surprise!!!! Thanks Rames!
A new favorite: Melissa and Doug Transportation makes the TRUCK noise when you put the piece down into the spot...
yes, of course I have decorated my house with cheesy dollar tree decor....I would have it no other way!!!
Last week...I picked Whityn up with this on his head...his FIRST BUMP/SCRATCH/OUCHIE...they said he fell out on the rocks...but got right up...and kept going.
Check out my new pjs...thanks Mom-Mom!!!
Harassing Carl!
Weekend SUN.
Harassing the chickens.
Sunday dinner with the Stitts
loving Jensey's train set
momma loving everything Anne has......she is such a good shopper!!!!
coveting the cabinets...
The Stitt's got a new pup...BARLEY!
Good ole Carl getting a drink!...
Life has been insanely busy!!! We are trying to stay afloat...wish us luck!

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