Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas break...TAKE 1

All of us Wyoming TEACHERs had to work 'til the end of was a PUSH>>>but we made it...I wore my BEST attire to keep their attention.
Then on was off to the HILL...and we had about an HOUR that looked like this.

THEN to the BAR...I had this drink...called the HUNGE....(if you live here and haven't had it...YOU MUST get up to the TRAP bar right away and get this drink)'ll KNOCK your socks off...literally.
then there was the walk back to NOT short of a photo session

AND a CHRISTMAS EVE trash was beautiful out!!!
then off to the HOCKEY rink...PS-whit says HOCK-kee perfectly...
EVE snuggles...and opening 1 pressie.
Santa came at 11pm
Whityn woke at 5:02AM
went straight for the slide...then the stocking...(this kid loves stickers)
ANd then he unwrapped the dogs' presents....and handed them out.
The tunnel was a hit Nannie...
by whitty and me...
Aunt Eva, Uncle Greg and Joshua sent these cool HANDMADE cars....WHityn loved them.
then there was the WOODEN blocks....Jordy loved them.
Present action.
my new shoes....that I LOVE>...but THEY ARE TOOOOOO LITTLE>>>sometimes I hate being BIG...ugh. I traded them in for a SKHOOP skirt....
OUR MORNING>>>> fun.
then down POLE CANYON for a CHristmas stroll.
and some sunshine.
maybe a photo.
or two.
check on the girls.
then matt, allison and oliver came over for xmas dinner...
oliver loved whit's davey crocket hat....check out whit in this picture (hand on 'self'...and LONG legs)
back to slide.
more slide....
a little popcorn snack the day after Christmas....our time off together is oh so nice....HERE is where I LOVE LOVE LOVE the OFF time of being a TEACHER....and being married to one...we are having a great time just being together, snowboarding, playing outside, hockey...and time with friends....we MISS our family though!!!!

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