Saturday, December 4, 2010

part 2 of turkey break and a doctor's visit

so jordy has been consumed by HOCKEY the past 5 weeks or so. He is playing over in Jackson every Sunday night....but occasionally will make it over for stick and puck if we're over TURKEY break...we (me, jensey, whityn and jordy) headed on over to Jackson to watch Jordy play hockey...whityn was way into it...and when I wasn't holding his 25 lb body up against the glass, he was chasing Jensey around the rink....pretty fun afternoon.
Here he is at the top of the bleachers...he loved going up and down
here's jordy (in the white going backwards)....he's quite impressive out there....
and off chasing Jensey again....Anne (jensey's mom and I traded so that her and her hubby skied on Saturday while jens was with us...and on sunday....whitty went with the stitts so that we could go riding at Targhee...)
and he's off
like son.
a surprise was found when I unloaded the XMAS boxes this year....this very cool HESS car with a baby car under the hood...last xmas, Bill and Bev Reed sent Whityn this remote control car...and I guess it got packed away cause he was too little to know about it...but this year as I unpacked the was a wonderful surprise...he loved it.
he is little whitty clad....POST 16 month check up and shots....he did great!
This ALMOST 16 month old is a titch over 33 inches long...and 25 lbs....That puts him in the 90th percentile for height and 50th percentile in weight....
He is still signing up a storm but says a little more that 20 words...
Some of our favorites are:
guy, kitty, momma, daddy, car, more, cookie, down, snow and please
He is practically running everywhere....very social....LOVES to dance...and when the music stops, he signs and says, "more" cute.
He loves kids...especially babies...he obsessed with our cat....i am not sure how he feels about he snow...when dressed in full snow clothes...he will just stand and cry outside....not move...however, he loves to sled and be held outside.
he can reach everything....and I MEAN everyTHING.
ANd he's a master LEGO builder....well, okay, he didn't build this...daddy did...but he loves to help.

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