Sunday, December 12, 2010


I went to meet Santa on Saturday...
but first I sat under the avocado tree with mom and dad
then I did some a pot as big as me.
Then dad took me on a DRIVE.BY.SANTA.VISIT
and I held on for DEAR life...
thank god they took me home where I could have some peace and quiet.
then I prepared myself for the great outdoors....
sledding...not walking...I hate walking in the white stuff
but sometimes momma makes me.
the following are from the previous weekend
where mom and dad busted out these 3 large boxes marked "Krissmus"....
and I got to hang up the new ornament in honor of me and my first canoe-camping trip this past summer.
mommy was the light fairy.
I did some laps around the tree behind her.
Then I sat down for a rest and to sneak a peek.
them mom did THIS to me.
meanwhile...daddy and Ruezy are doing this.

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