Sunday, January 9, 2011

17 months and more.

What happened to my "LITTLE" baby? He is getting so big and bossy. Whityn McKay Griffin turned 17 months old yesterday. I can't believe it. Every day something new happens or changes.

Whityn loves to go and get one of his 3 HOCKEY sticks and say, "hockeeeeeee"'s so dang cute.
He is saying so much and signing less. However, still signing please, thank you,cookie, more, milk, sorry, and hurt. He is trying to say anything you ask him too if he's in the mood....which I find he is in the mood to talk to me on our way home from school everyday...he just blabs and jibber jabs...and I ask him questions...and he tries to answer or repeats what I say. He loves to say anything that you ask...which is quite entertaining.
He loves his slide now...and can get up the ROCK wall and down the slide all by himself. He loves Carl the "kitty"...and chases him everywhere. Carl doesn't share the same love for Whit. Whityn loves to sit on the couch and point to the TV and start jabbering...he loves football too. And still loves to dance. He goes up real close to the TV when the music channels are on and shakes his booty, gets low, and moves his cute.
I made some cookies from scratch the other night for my Kindergartners...but Jordy and whitty had their share too. They were so good.
Where's my puck woman?
Whityn loves to look at the camera now and say cheeeeeeeee! It's so sweet. This is the BEST picture I have ever taken of him I think. I love it. It's so him. Jordy has been asking me when we are going to cut his hair...I don't want too. Everyone says they look older when you cut their, it's just so cute long and blonde. My mom and Dad are also BIG fans of NOT cutting it...which surprises me....but makes me happy that they are on my team.
Every night before bed...we always read 3 books....I pick two...and WHitty picks out about 10...and we narrow it down to one...if he had it his way...>I would sit there reading all night. I love reading to him though. He goes to grab books and just sits and "pretend" reads for long periods of time. I love when kids "LOVE" books...
Picking out a book.
then brushing my a good boy....this happens every so often....but most of the time..I have to hold this 25 pound turkey down to the ground as I jam the toothbrush in and out of his mouth...he loves it...I tell yah!!!!

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