Sunday, January 30, 2011

Baby Squisher or EXTREME baby lover....hmmm, you be the judge!

Hey you guys! My momma took me to the local bakery/coffee shop and ordered me my first HOT chocolate...she is always gettin' herself a's about dang time she ordered me something to sip on too. It was mm, mm, good!
And I guess she was feelin' fruity cause at the grocery store she picked me up some of them Juice boxes too. Of course they were organic...but she got me some...and sometimes she asks me if I want one....and you better believe I say yes.
I have been sporting my cons lately...I love them. They are good to me. The ladies like them too.
Blondie sippin a juice box + converse = too cool for school
And I love to just be naked too....I take showers all the time...I have been taking them forever, but now that I can stand in there it's just too much fun. I get so clean and smell so good and momma even bought me a little toy storage thingy that sticks to the side of the shower and I keep my ABC's and 123's in there. It's awesome!!!
My momma drops me at daycare and picks me up everyday...and lately when she gets me Gloria and Allison have to tell her about my behavior..and lately...well, they say I 've been trying to squish babies...and I try to express my love...but sometimes I don't know how to verbalize I just sit on them or put my mouth on their face...or lay on them to give them a big WHITTY love momma has been talking to be about it....guess I better learn how to be soon. I don't wanna get kicked out of that place. well, if you see her...tell her I do love babies....:)

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