Sunday, January 23, 2011

Whitty boy

this little guy changes every day. he slides all on his own..needs no help...needs no-one to catch him...asks you to move.
he is such a little snuggler...he loves his rupert.
a little too much.
maybe this why he is known as the "baby squisher" at daycare....:(....cause he learns it at home.
he will finally WALK in the snow...sometimes...but this is huge.
he is showing more and more independence...but just when I think he wants me no more...he's super clingy for a day...and I secretly kinda like it...
this week...was one of recovery for me..I did nothing except play with whitties...and check the chickens...while checking on my girls...i notice one of there little booties was ALL plucked out...and at first glance thought molting...but then at a closer look saw blood and then witnessed an ATTACK by the other girls...they are pecking her to DEATH...I am not sure what to do..I am sure it's happening because of the small space..and they don't venture out much in the winter...but it's so funny that even in the animal world...girls can be so mean.
any ideas? let me know.
until then...we will hold the fort down.

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  1. Laur: Email these people about the chicken issue. They live in a tiny house in the middle of the city, and they raise goats, ducks and chickens (and harvest thousands of pounds of veggies each year). Urban Homestead. Also, I love reading about mommyhood!


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