Sunday, October 23, 2011

Whityn McKay

My little 2 year old doesn't always seem so little. A week or so ago...we started a "I MADE a GOOD CHOICE" sticker's really not that's a piece of recycled paper hanging on his chalkboard...but he thinks it's cool...and when he does something like:
pick up trash and throw it away OR cleans up without being asked OR puts his clothes in the hamper OR clears his plates into the get the point...well, then he earns himself a sticker for his chart...and once he gets five stickers...he gets a little "matchbox car"...which are his favorite! You will rarely find him without holding onto a car in each I'd say it's worth it...and it's fun and it's promoting positive behavior!
Saturday we headed over to Jackson...will tell you more about why in a minute...but while we were over there we saw that the annual pumpkin sale was happening on the town square...we of course were too late to buy any which was fine...cause we have 4 of our own! However, it was beautiful out...and Whitty was wearing his Lightening McQueen we made an appearance.

Then we walked on over to the Jackson Elementary playground where Whit did a series of new things stating "I can do it myself" and when he would do it...we would shout "Wahoo, I did it!" Too cute!
And then we were starving...and someone GOT REALLY cranky thru the WENDY's drive thru we went...and chicken sammies for everyone..and a frosty too...and if you want to know what happened next...just keep scrolling!
We drove all the way back home...Whitty and I took a nap...ahhh! It was well deserved for me too as I stayed out way too late Friday night at the Stagecoach in Wilson. They had a FREEDOM rider's benefit for the bikers, trail makers and people who love to I went on over in a FULL mini van of needless to say...MY SATURDAY NAP was JUST WHAT I NEEDED!
When we woke up...I asked if Whityn wanted to make the FALL festival party at our local nursery...and he said yes...however he wouldn't wear his costume...made a 3 minute transition about an hour and a half needless to was over when we made it we just looked around and I snapped a few pics of a smiley toddler...NOW!
BAck home again to find Jordy eyeball deep in staining one side of our house...we have been talking a lot about our house lately...and the upkeep of it...and what projects we want to do and what we want to spend money on...etc! This house talk is all based on where Whityn will go to school...because we have always thought that we will figure out a way for him to attend Wyoming schools..because that is where we teach and we are invested in it...we know it...we believe in it...however we just didn't know how we could make that happen because you have to live in Wyoming to attend Wyoming. Anyhow...we have gone back and forth about this even before Whit was born...and just now in the last few weeks have we felt like we settled on something...and here it is...
We have decided to stay right where we are...cause it's's awesome and we love where we live.
We are going to enroll little Whitty into Kindergarten right in Victor. I know what you are thinking...
"He's only 2"..."you might change your mind"..."Why are you worried about it"...
BECAUSE THIS IS HIS EDUCATION...and it's a huge deal to us...
But, because we are both teachers...and we believe in ourselves...and PUBLIC education..we are doing this along with a bunch of friends..neighbors...people we know...and a bunch of people we don't know...because it is what it is...he will end up going to Idaho schools anyway in the 7th grade...might as well start in Kindergarten..right? Well...I am sure to add more later...but for now know that Whitty will be a Teton Valley kid! Go Whit!
On another note: The reason for that long story is Jordy is got the HONEY "DO LIST" going...and staining was one...check!
OH...and back to the reason we went to Jackson...well, because while I was away in Cali...Jordy went out and bought me NEW front-loaders...hmmmm! What did I do to deserve that? :)
Whityn had a honey-do list too and it included sticking a screwdriver inside, on, around everything he could!!!
Sunday Whitty woke up on the WRONG side of the bed...Jordy woke up STILL sick...and that meant that we didn't do WAFFLE no one was happy...I took off to go to school right before Whitty took a nap...I logged about 3 hours...and headed back home...I called Whitty to see if he wanted to go for a hike with me...he said yes and seemed very excited..however once I got home it took about 2 hours to convince him to go outside with me...he played happily with his fire guys...making up little conversations...and drawing a picture of what he said was McQueen and Mator and a tree...too cute...
FINALLY I got him out to be a part of THIS....
Ruezy and Wynnie went too...they loved their little they lately seem few and far between!
Everything was so vibrant in color...I felt alive and part of something much larger than myself...and loved sharing that with was one of the best afternoons I have ever had with him!
Not to mention that this little 2 year old walked from the van...down this trail...into those mountains...and back BY.HIMSELF!

I kept asking him if he was tired...and he would say "yes"...but he kept telling me that he wanted to make it to the trees...and that he was strong.

I don't blame him for wanting to make it to the trees...they were magnificent!
And for the walk back...he got a pwecial tweet!

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