Monday, October 3, 2011 favorite.

Friday night we went camping...and Whitty drove us there. That's safe right?
We got there just in time for some camp fire songs and snacks...
Whitty did the best he's ever done camping. He slept through the night. He didn't wake with a night terror. He did sleep until a little after 7am...maybe we should camp every Friday night....hmmm. It's a thought.

He woke to find some kids running around in the morning hours...Eliza and Jensey who were both in my class 2 years ago. He didn't mind being the ladies' man. He loved it in fact.

We did some shootin the bull around the campers and trucks. The kids played in Todd's truck while we kicked around and decided where to eat. Apparently we camped...but we did all of our eating away from the campground...

Sunday Whitty and I had the best day. We woke together...we made breakfast...we cleaned my van...we cleaned the chicken coop...we cleaned Whitty's room. We left to get icecream in town and noticed the leaves in the we stopped to play in them.

I love FALL. It's so beautiful. I find myself distracted by every little change in color.

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