Monday, October 17, 2011


Yes...I am behind..I do realize this! Last weekend my great teacher friend Rachel and I jet-setted to California for a long weekend.
Last year I had this great idea to write a GRANT for a WHOLE BRAIN TEACHING CONFERENCE...and we (Rachel and I) got we booked ourselves out to California (Long Beach and Palm Springs) for some sun, some fun and some whole brain learning. We had a blast. Below we are pictured with Chris Biffle (the founder of WBT)...we are such dorks!

If you knew just how much I hated flying would be so proud of be for soaring on over to wasn't as easy as I thought!
Hotel Maya...first night...great view...perfect weather...even better company...and fun night out to the Pier to eat and then to the Irish pub!
Some sunning in October!

When in Palm as they do...when we arrived to Hotel California...they asked if we wanted a shuttle into town..and we of course inquire as to how much it cost...and they say it's free...and it's a limo! Yep! It was awesome!
My team-mate from college is living in L.A and was passing through Long Beach with her boyfriend...and we met up with them...ATE and took a quick fun to see my 6'3 buddy!

All and all it was a great experience...and full of adventures...can't wait to show you my WHOLE BRAIN TEACHING VIDEO soon...stay tuned!

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