Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Book club goes to Chico

Driving through Yellowstone has to be one of the coolest things ever! Roads were open so we hit the PARK roads Friday afternoon....we saw lots of buffalo with their brand new babies....AND
we even saw a grizz!

Hey dad! Remember when I climbed up this tower when I was 17. I wanted to do it again, but the girls strongly discouraged it.

It was so nice to just mosey on down to Montana.

So, book club should be renamed WINE of the month club...I'm just saying! I became a member of a book club almost 3 years ago...and I think I have read 5 of the books...however, when someone mentioned doing something different...I was all over it...WE (as in 4 of us from the B.C.) took book club on the road...to Chico Hot Springs! We left Idaho around 3:30pm and arrived in Chico around 8:00pm...and it was still light! We got there just in time for pizza and beers...and a nice soak!

We slept in Saturday...ate a buffet breakfast...RAN...one got massage...one went biking...then we soaked again...
and did lots of hard core reading!
got a little sun kissed.
Ate at the FANCY restaurant and even ordered the flaming dessert.
things got a little crazy...
and we all got our leftovers wrapped up in tin foil in the animal of our choice.
took a few photos.

one more of the group...before cameras went to bed...but the girls went out dancing...til 2pm...and we were up by 9am...to do it all over again...but we had to leave at 2ish...to get home in time to put the kids to bed...

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