Sunday, May 8, 2011

momma's day and such.

My momma (Whitty's nonna)
Happy Mother's day. I think back to my childhood at Pinto of home-cooked meals, snuggles and nothing but love from you. I think back to you doing everything. You being everywhere and taking care of everyone. That's what I remember.
I remember Fox Hollow...where you stood by me, protected me, went to bat for me, carted me to every event in and around Alabama. I remember you cheering for me...I remember you trying your best with me...I remember you buying me make-up...rolling my hair....and TRYING to pick out my clothes.
I remember my teenage years. They were tough. For you and for me. We grew apart. It was hard for both of us.
I remember college. You cried when I left. You cried when I would visit and then I would leave. You supported me from afar...things inched at getting better.
I remember graduating. You were there. You stood up for me. You cheered for me. You were proud. You cried when I left. You said that I was going to move out west and get married and never come home....
I remember introducing my husband to you. Things changed. We talked a lot. We planned a wedding. You supported me. You were proud of me. You cried with me. You did so much for me. You went to buy my wedding dress with me. You cried with me. You got me ready. You left me in the bathroom for daddy to walk me down the aisle. You watched me. You were proud.
After marriage...we continued to change. things got better. we talked a lot. we took trips together. we celebrated together. we danced together.
I remember being pregnant. I thought of you daily. Something change in me about you. I was becoming what you had already been. A mom. You supported me. You got excited for me. You were proud of me.
I remember you meeting Whityn. You are a nonna now. I am 2nd. That's okay. He's your number one little man. You are proud of me. We talk a lot. We meet at the beach. We laugh together. We yell. We hug. We talk a lot now. I love you. You love me. We're moms. It's hard. I realize that. You did a great job. You are my momma. Thank you!

My 2nd mother's day was a good one. Jordy woke with Whityn and let me sleep. The best gift ever huh? Then around 9am they came in to serenade me with the happy mother's day song. Whityn even said it too. He gave me a bookmark he made at school with his fingerprints and they both handed me the card pictured below.
In the card was a list of 3 things that I would be given:
1. A 30 minute massage from husband.
2. A 100.00 to spend at Athleta (if u are a girl and don't know this website, you better get on it)
3. A hug and a kiss from Little bear.
I was so excited. I got my hug and kiss first and then ordered a new bike jersey from Athleta right away.
I am not going to cash in my FOOT rub just yet.
Then we all got dressed for BRUNCH at Warbirds. Whityn was the first one ready. He got to watch a quick flick on the world wide web.Then off we went. We met a bunch of teacher folk there. We ate a ton. From Pancakes to Chocolate Mousse. It was delicious. This little man was stealing bacon off my plate.
Then we went into the hanger to check out the planes and run around. Here are some of Whit's little buddies from BRUNCH. From the left is Leena (my principal's daughter), Teya, Whit and Cita (Brook and Jess Yoeman's daughter)
Some moms. From left: Kristin, Tracy, me, and Jess.

Whityn didn't love the next picture. He was too busy with his buddies to get a picture with me.
He did want his picture taken by the plane though.
More kids.
Pane! Airpane!
On the move.
Sans nap....we went outside for a little puddle splashing...yard raking...snack time. ahh, spring in the Rockies.
Can you believe that this little bear is 21 months old? I can't! The past 48 hours have been a growth spurt. He has been sleeping 'til after 8am....(good thing it's almost summer) and eating a ton. He feels thicker. He talks in 4 word sentences. He asks for help. He has fits. He loves his cars. Especially Muh-queen. He loves the dogs. He loves the puddles. He loves his boots. He loves to snuggle. Especially his daddy. I am looking forward to some time off with him this summer beginning June 19th...where we will be kicking off our summer with a trip back EAST to Vermont and New York. More on that later.

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