Sunday, May 22, 2011

Still in long-sleeves

Friday night was date night...I love starting the weekend like that! Our daycare tries to host a DATE night once in a while...from 6-9 on a Friday. We hit up some local flavor in Driggs. It was delish! We couldn't come up with anything creative to do after dinner, so we picked up Whityn early...they were just getting ready to put him down...but we got to do the honors at our house...

Saturday was somewhat of a wash...I had to go to the eye doc for a check up for my lasik...still 20/20 in the right eye and now 20/25 in my's crazy. If you are considering doing this and can spring it...DO IT! After my appt. Whityn and I loaded up the mini and headed down to Idaho Falls for my car to be worked exciting...I did smarten up a bit and brought along the running stroller and my running clothes...Whityn and I did about 5 miles together and managed to see cows, horses, goats, llamas and a was like a running ZOO.

After our run we only had to wait about 45 more minutes for the car and then we were off...we were hungry and the first thing I saw...was guess what!!!!
Micky-donalds....and well, nothing like having a first time right!!!! So, we DID. Whityn got a happy meal and mommy got some Fries....then were were off to Wally-mart...for some good ole disney "CARS" everything!
2 BIG firsts for Whit on Saturday!!!

Sunday...we (as in me) went FULL force against our FAMILY tradition of Sunday Waffles...and we went to PEndls in Driggs for coffee and pastries...yum. Then we hit the Huntsman! Why have I never been there to come...they are all on my phone for now.
Then we did some other out and about things...that I can't tell you about just yet...but I will later this week. Just keep your fingers all I can say!
AND was outside...yard DOG time!!!
we ripped up the beds in front of our porch....
we got the recycle bins ready in the MUD room...cause we just signed up for CURBside! Victor has recycling!
We did some reUSE railroad designs...this is a sneak peek...more to come...not finished!
we barked the aspens...and lined them with rocks...
whitty and i painted some birdhouses...and he painted the rocks...himself...muh-queen...and me.
and we just hung outdoors...I got whityn a bucket for outside toys...and he found this old tractor that he got when he was about 7 months old...and he drove it silly in the rocks.
making a road with a stick. THEN...Anne showed up by foot at our house...SHE RAN from ALTA...that's like 23 miles or something...then her hubby and Jensey showed up too...and we all hit up GRUMPY's for hotdogs...and beers....and feeding goats of course.

And that's another weekend still bundled in hats, sweats...and weekend we are off to the City of Rocks for a camping climbing adventure....but hopefully you will here from me by mid-week with some VERY exciting...good news...stay tuned!

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