Sunday, May 1, 2011

Gloves in April

I spent most of my weekend working....which meant my four walls looked like this.
Friday night I did manage to make it out for cocktails with one of my favorite people Miss Rachel...and then off to the ROCK and GLOW staff was a pretty fun night.
The boys were busy at home with "govs"....
Whityn loves his "govs" and wants them on always...even if just around the house...this little boy is talking up a storm. He speaks in sentences and has pretty good manners too.

this is the greatest guy around...
see that mess behind him...have no fear..the kitchen master is here! Jordy takes on the cooking and cleaning in the Griffin house...mostly anyways...he likes it..I love complaints here...except for when the laundry piles up.
this weekend "because of more yuck yuck weather"...we spent most of our time indoors...which meant terrorizing the cat....good thing "Carl" the kitty is feeling better and is on the move...because Whityn is constantly after him.
And when not after the kitty he's splashing in the puddles...he loves his rain boots that I bought him and begs to wear them all the time. He says "boos on peas" "....side...puddies"-boots on please...outside puddles
a few weeks ago Jordy surprised me by building this new roost for the girls because they have literally pecked each other to DEATH...i know...gross...but it's true.
So we heard if they are all on the same level it out with the ladder roost in with the straight across roost......let's hope this makes chicken number 2's bum better.
whityn loves to go and check on the chickens with me...he loves to get the eggs...and sometimes he loves to break them.
Whitty learned a new word this weekend...
"fiah pit"...we sat him down and talked to him about summer time fires and s'mores...he got real excited and repeated "fiah pit" like 1 million in 1 times...he is probably still repeating it today at daycare.
busy boy outside...his face is all healed up...then WHAM he went down again Sunday and got another ouchie on his nose....
BOYS!This little guy likes to carry around his new "ball-ball"...even in the car he will bring it at times...very the next thing is to just get a REAL HOOP outside and start practicing!
Latest and greatest-
A few weeks ago jordy and I picked up the movie "cars" and brought it home...and one saturday morning we showed it to whit...I have never seen him so still...he was obsessed from that moment on..and of course we are fostering his obsession by buying all things "cars"...for example I made a special trip to the kings (like a kmart) down the road and found this "cars" book that came with Mcqueen and Mator and as you read the book pages unfold with little racetracks on the paper and the cars motor around the tracks using some sort of infrared light built's kinda fascinating..and it was only 5.00.
Whityn is mainly obsessed with "muh-queen"....sleeps with him, eats with him, zooms him around, puts him in his pocket, shares him, builds tracks with blocks and races him around, zooms him on the kitty, on the dogs, on mommy's body....on daddy's head...
Then there was the "muh-queen" blanket I picked up....loves it!
Then there was the "cars" magnets....and the sippy cup....anyhow, we've all gotten into it...and we all love the movie cars! I can't wait to watch Cars Two!
Picture "muh-queen" see!
I love you more than life Whitty are so fun!

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