Monday, September 26, 2011

teacher mafia at it's finest.

Saturday was the big day. For the past 30 days...I tried to run at least 2-3 times a week. It paid off because I didn't have to walk my 6.5 miles...I wasn't the fastest...but I did have the bEST socks...hehehehe.This was taken at the 33 degree starting line...when Anne and I left Victor, idaho it was 51 degrees and when we got to was sooooo much colder. Anne was a good sport about it tho....hence her down coat.
No wonder she ran so fast...she said she couldn't feel her thighs...OUCH.
Anne tagged Rachel at 7.8 miles....and little Ms. Rachel FLEW too. What's with these fast girls?
Rachel TAGGED TRACY....and we went to meet tracy at one point..and she was so fast we missed our meeting spot...we had to RUN her down in the MAFIA truck!
Got her. She was so pumped...because she caught up with CARGO pants (this guy behind her) that we referred to as cargo pants...we were trying to catch up with him from the beginning.
And then there is me...waiting for the LAST TAG at the Stilson lot she comes...SPRINTING...mind you! She blew "cargo pants" go girl!
And the tag.
And there's ole' me...trodding along!
long legs in action
we made it in 3 hours and 41! And little Whitty was waiting at the finish line.
the two lovebirds relaxing in the sun....the finish line had a band...and was held at teton was a sunny beautiful afternoon.
we stuck around for the rewards and by golly we took first place in the relay division
me and my buddy.
Super momma Anne and her cutie...
Minus one...celebration.
these two were having their own celebration.

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