Sunday, September 4, 2011

Spontaneous LOOP.

From Rexburg's BEAR WORLD....through Idaho Falls {mall, target and a few other stops}
We did the cheesy drive-thru at Yellowstone Bear world...but Whityn seemed to love spotting the bears. "There a bear mommy"
And then of course you must walk through the gift shop...the only thing we left with was jellybeans!
Whit loved the petting zoo.
"I touch him" he kept saying...

"Come on mommy, let's go for a hike"
And then we tickled the dear.
And Whit told this dear where to eat.
He's not too crazy about our chickens right now, so I was surprised to see him get this close to these chickens...
He was nuts about the train...
and excited to try the roller coaster...but ended up screaming a bit...
glad it was only 4 loops...or he might've freaked out!
He loved loved the cars...he rode those twice.

And then he q-ued right up for the Twirly bears...
And there they go.

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