Monday, September 12, 2011

quick. fast. in a hurry.

Gotta love a weekend right. Why do they always disappear QUICK. FAST. IN A HURRY!...We spent Friday night as a family and ordered take-out...and put the little one to bed...and neither one of us can remember what happened after 9pm...we were exhausted I guess.
Saturday night was our DATE-night at the Marlar house. Jenn turned 34 and had a bbq bash. We were lucky enough to get the invite. We had brats, burgers and lots of yummy side dishes...and there was enough beer for all the BIG people. We left the little one at home with Emily from 4-9. It was nice to carry on multiple Portuguese horseshoes and relax for a few hours.
I was the Portuguese champion...
At around 8ish..the Stitts called us from the lake...they needed DOG help...because they wanted to camp out but their dogs were at Todd's we came to the rescue and brought them to our house and then got a LAKE invite for SUNDAY...wahoo! We woke...did waffles and sausage..and headed down the the Palisades. The Stitts were waiting! Can you find the little one tucked in Todd's legs? Whitty loves some Todd.
There were some water sports!

Like doubles skiing perhaps?
And the wee ones tube hopped inside the floating dock...Whit was beside himself!

And there is always lots of eating.

And of course...we stayed too long...we ate too was storming by the time we got home...and we experienced a few meltdowns by the little bear...but quickly put him down to sleep...and that solved that!

Hope you all had a great weekend too.

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