Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day lazies.

Ahhh, gotta love 3-day weekends. I wish we had them every weekend...but we don't! Whityn was sure enjoying his mommy and daddy time, but daddy time more lately than ever. He loves his daddy. His daddy gets good snuggles and when I walk in his room in the morning and daddy walks in minutes after me, his face just lights up and he runs over to snuggle him. I have to admit...I have been a bit jealous about that. hmmpfh!
Monday we woke up and Whitty and I went up to DREAMCHASERS for a morning core class. It's awesome cause they have a kid's playroom and the kids can see into the workout room. However, Whityn wanted his mommy the entire class. I ended up doing my core exercises inside the kid's room. Jordy went to do some yoga and our whole day was better because of the morning exercise.
We put Whittys down for a nap and then headed up to the pool at Targhee cause it's closing this coming Sunday.

While we were up there we rode the lift to the top of the mountain. Whit thinks he is big time on the chair lift.
It was a nice relaxing family day. We even made it to the grocery store without too many complaints.
Whitty looks pretty good in mommy's flannel. Don't you think?
While we were up north in Alta...we hit up the Alta playground too. Whityn strolled the grounds...looking like old man farmer...this kid is cute as heck!

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