Wednesday, August 11, 2010

And Whityn McKay is ONE...officially!

Really Whityn turned one on Sunday, August 8th...however in the Griffin house...we like to drag a birthday out for a week or in my case...a month. We celebrated Whityn's birthday on Tuesday, August 10th...his due date actually...with some family (my parents) and friends.
Whityn woke Tuesday morning with a grumpy little 'tude...nothing out of the ordinary lately...he's been a bit needy and grumpy...TEETH?...possibly sensing a transition as Jordy and I prepare to go back to school? who knows...
He did get to wake up with my parents here. They drove up from Manilla, Utah so that they could be with their favorite grandson. *Check out that cute little 1 year old outfit...momma must of made that. :)
WHAT? Is that me in the kitchen?...YES!!!! I was busy making Whityn's birthday cake...I made the bunny birthday cake with cream cheese frosting from "Super Foods for Babies"...
My mom and dad were busy watching, loving, entertaining, catching, chasing and laughing over Whit.
Whityn loved his little sign...*I always use this canvas to paint a color on when I am changing wall colors...this red is the color of his dresser I painted for him when he was swimming in my tummy.
Snuggles from Nonna. You wouldn't let her snuggle you too much...but she GOT you every now and then.
DOWN on the FARM...cake I made for Whit...don't laugh! I worked hard! and the picture doesn't do it justice.
HEre is our little redneck birthday area that we set up for our guests....are you dying that we pulled the pop-up out??? It came in handy for nursing moms and little people that wanted to explore.
Whityn got a new toy from mom and dad...the shape sorter...which he has already except the other one is wooden...this one is harder...and boy he would get frustrated if he couldn't get a shape in.
He did enjoy PUSHing his wagon around...this isn't new...but we just attached balloons to it for effect...whatcha think? He loved it. *Thanks Anne Stitt for that wagon...Whityn LOVES it.
More wagon
great girls: teya, sofe, and maggie
boy, i will tell you that the chickens kept the kids ENTERTAINED for if you have space...i would say...get a chicken.
sharing a snack. kind-of. teya, ivy and whit.
Jordy spent an hour inside cooking for our party guests....he made spaghetti parm...3 BIG dishes...and we have just a little left.
Whityn loved his...and gave me the ALL done sign....I think he was ready for cake.
I made one little cupcake from the BUNNY birthday cake mixture so that he could eat and ruin just his....he LOVED it...stared around at everyone while they sang...licked...tasted and eventually devoured the WHOLE tears...jordy didn't get a picture of the cake eating...singing..but we have video...coming soon.
staring at his cake.
presents...puzzles, books, stuffies, race cars, shape sorters, shoes, bat and ball, money and a puppet....he racked up!
the race cars were a hit...all the other kids opened his gifts for him...quite cute...i stayed out of it.
teya in the flyer.
It's Wednesday now...and I am still eating spaghetti....YES!!!!! I am getting good with my spoon...both with my left and right hands...
What's that? Do you hear that birdie momma?
I think i might be hungry.
playing with dada.
talking to the deck.
my new shoes my mommy bought me....
mom, me and dad...good to see you two. i love having you near...and it's so great for Whit. You are the best GRANDparents...thank you for all that you do...You are amazing!!!!!
watch me nonna.
PUSH!!!Nonna with her grandson...
Holy wind....
visiting the chickens with Nonna.
Bath time..Whityn loves eating the ducks...splashing...and LAUGHING.
can I live here momma?

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  1. Happy Birthday Whityn!! Loved the cake with animals on it. Hope it was a special day for you all to remember. :)


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