Monday, August 9, 2010

it's been BEAR with me.

the workers are gone from our house...they've been there for 5 weeks....all that's left to do...Jordy can tackle...he's practically touched every piece of wood in it anyhow. he decided it was time to stain...
AND it's toxic we moved the apartment above the barn.
whitty loved cruisin around on the floor up there in the wide open space. here he is at the top of the staircase..
did i mention i started back to school...University of Wyoming is doing a program with my district and they are paying for the ELL I hopped on board and plan to continue on for my MASTERS after the endorsement...did I mention Jordy is doing it too? So, while we are away...he's been trying out his new's going okay. he cries when i leave...and as soon as he sees me when i am there to pick him up..he cries again. it makes me feel like he is miserable. ugh. they say he does okay. not convinced.
times are we got away for a minute in the yard for a little photo-shoot out!
poster it.
get mommy.
practicing with my spoon. I got this in the bag...but eating with your fingers is way more fun.
Friday morning...we woke early to head to GREEN river lakes for a camping/birthday weekend.
we met our friends...the schells there.d
whitty was such a good boy in the car...when you think you are almost have another 20 miles on a bumpity bump dirt was slow-going.
pulling into our campsite.
night one...we had crazy thunderstorms...later in the night whityn woke with a blood curdling scream...and couldn't be soothed...for what seemed like an eternity. finally he settled down...only to happen again about 1 hour later...this time worse..we thought we needed to go to the hospital...we were really very scared.
we took him outside...and he calmed right down...and i rocked, sang...him back to sleep...the next friend said it could be a night terror...has anyone experienced this before?
waking up early to greet the cold mountain air....check out whitty's new digs (hat and boots from timothy schell) THANKS Rene.
the boys in the hood.
father and son.
there was some serious cooking going on...usually everyone has to be responsible for a dinner and a breakfast...this morning was Gary's turn...Gary is the great guy that sold us our camper in the spring...he cooked up an egg scramble for breakie one morning and he even makes me a latte. I like Gary.
Scramble this.
talking and hanging out with REne is the most fun..she is an easy-going momma from Lander, Wyoming and I just adore her...all of her. She is such a super momma and I admire her!
ANd her hubby ain't too shabby either.
their kids worship them.
And this little bug is mine all mine. just a day away from 1 year old here.
hanging with my dada.
Day 1: Beach time....Whitty loved playing in the rocks...loading them in the water pail...and dumping them out...he loves the outdoors.
meanwhile the Schell's took a little boat ride...and then joined us on the beach.
Momma and son. and Ava in the background.
Green River Lakes....holy smokes...huh?
Jordy won the WATER award for the weekend..he was the only one who braved the swim..I was too busy soaking in the views.
Father and son.
Bonding with Rue.
Family on the lake.
this might be our xmas pretend you didn't see it.
whitty and his red wagon.
Gary and Margie's camp...pretty much base camp...this is where we ate all meals except for lunch...
Drum roll....PLEASE!!!! Introducing Whityn McKay's first s'more.
whoa mommy...are you coming back?
ANd again.
and again.
and again.
did you check out those mosquito bites??? oops.
night night Little bear.
breakfast burritos anyone?
dutch oven badge: I got mine this weekend for PRIZE winning biscuits from scratch.
waiting in the wings....FOR
Day 2: It's my BIRTHDAY....and I will cry if I want too.
Whityn woke up a bit grumpy today...but he worked it out eventually.
We spent the day on the the (CHarlotte did)...paddling..looking...taking pictures...and just being present.
momma can fix it.
enjoying the sun.
lap with dada.
wow. haven't seen this in
and little bear all alone.
charlotte sharing her snack with whit.
lap with momma.
i'm telllin' yah...these kids love momma and papa.
the second we got into the truck to head back to camp...this is what happened.
On the way home...we stopped off at the post office...and we had 5 birthday cards/packages.
from nannie
from nonna and papa
from kane
from bill and bev
from mema joyce
thanks everyone. very thoughtful.
kane, whitty loved his dollar bill...i almost let him keep it. heheheehe. he tried.
Whityn turned one in the great outdoors with family...
Tuesday, August 10th (which was actually his due date) is WHityn's 1st Birthday party. We are looking forward to celebrating.
Pictures. to. come.

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