Monday, August 2, 2010

whitty goes to shakespeare

So...our valley is so cool.
Teton Valley Arts council pays to have Shakespeare in the park come to our valley. They come from MSU...and it was so amazing.
They set up shop inside a little neighborhood in Driggs, Idaho...around 5pm...we got there around 5:30...with our chicken casserole and a bottle of wine
They were performing A Midsummer night's dream...I remembered it being weird when I first read it years ago...but it was fun to see and entertaining none the less.
Whitty did some ground time...he traveled all over the grassy area...Jordy and I had to take turns actually watching the play...while the other took him on little walks around the the hula the other children...
He did some snacking. Doesn't he look cute in his new BIRTHDAY sweater? Thanks Aunt Blairsey!!!!
Trying to stand off in the distance with Jordy...I think he went boom.

So, the reason for this post is....awhile ago...WAY back when...Jordy and I started making SUNDAY our Family every Sunday we kinda do the same thing...

We usually do:
*breakie together at the house (Waffles and Bacon)
*An outdoor adventure together
*Cook dinner together
Some rules to the day include:
sharing things...being in the moment..PRESENT.
never bagging with a friend...doing everything together even if it means we all go and get GAS together...
It's a fun little tradition and we look forward to making it better...with Whityn...cause he makes everything better.

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