Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Right on track...and favorites.

Just so I don't forget...we went to Whityn's 1 year appointment last week....and as you can imagine..I was very excited to see what T. Lerch had to say....AND here's why!
As you know Whityn started daycare late July...going 2 hours here...2 hours there...and then he did his first FULL day there. He cried at drop off....and when I came to get him.....as soon as he laid eyes on me...he started to meltdown.
Anyhow, he was in his highchair...having a snack..so I just sat down and let him finish..and the daycare provider said, "Hey Lauryn, just wondering if T. Lerch thinks he is developing the way that he should"....and I pause....almost instantly upset....but then I answer, "Yep, she says he's doing great...right on track" and then I ask..."WHY?"...to which she responds without going into much detail: QUOTE..unquote-He seems noodley...and he doesn't really eat with a spoon....Most babies by now are pulling up to stand more...etc.
I then say -how tall he is for his age...95th %...etc.
Then I talk about how I am a teacher and how I notice kids developing at all different rates...
THEN we leave...
I get into the car.
I start to cry.
I am upset. Hurt. AND now questioning how my little boy is doing.
My brain goes into overdrive..and it won't stop.
I get home.
I tell Jordy. He's mad that I am upset...etc.
You see how this goes...maybe you've even been there..
SO, back to the 1 year check-up...I was so excited to take Whityn.
Here is a recap of what she said:
Wow! He's huge! 32 inches 95th %
22 lbs 45th %...
HE's RIGHT ON TRACK...AND not to be worried AT ALL.
Phew....not that I was worried...WORRIED...I was seeking re-ASSURANCE i guess.
Anyhow, she reminded me that he is growing at RAPID speed and VERY tall for his age...but still with all that...right on TRACK...

Whitty favorites:
Dogs-any and all kinds...but ESPECIALLY Wynnie and Rupert
Books-any and all kinds...but will sit sooo incredibly still to hear you read GOODNIGHT MOON, That's not my Tractor, That's not my Teddy Bear and In my Tree.
Balls-He loves to chase them, throw them, catch them, crawl with them, share them with the dogs...
Chickens-Getting the eggs is a highlight of each day...he loves to stand outside the coop and hold on to the fence and watch the girls.
STAIRS-Do all kids love stairs? up, down, up, down....ugh.
Things that go-especially the RADIO flyer, tractors, planes, and his new race-cars
FOOD-bbs (aka blueberries), banana, watermelon, boca burger, WHITE shells and cheese, EGGS (2 or 3 a day now), granola, carrots, HUMMUS...the list could go on.
WALKING-with your hands, with the radio flyer or any push toy
BATH-only if rubber ducks are involved
Walks-in the chariot
Bike rides - in the chariot or in the ERGO if I am cruising
MILKshakes-chocolate peanut butter...and banana
Kids-he loves to maul them.
ROCKS-eating them of course
SWINGS-cries when it's time to leave
LIFE-especially when it takes place OUTdoors.
We love Whityn McKay!!!!


  1. You know what? Anderson still doesn't like to use a spoon and he didn't even attempt to walk until 13 months! Babies develop at different rates and I don't like that the daycare worker would even suggest that! I guess they were just being helpful? Whatever! I'm just really glad that your doctor calmed your fears!

  2. Noodly?!? My mama taught me a long time ago to never trust anyone who calls somebody noodly. There is nothing about Whit that says noodles. Now steak? That's a different story. If someone says Whit is steak-y that's spot on. He's porterhouse with a side of creamed potatoes.

    EGB was bald most of her early life. Now she has a dense rainforest on her dome.

    They all grow. They all talk. And they all poop in the can sometime. Well...not Jordy, but you know what I mean.

    One of these days we're going to get these two legends together and the universes will collide. I'm looking forward to it!

    D, J, and EGB


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