Saturday, July 23, 2011

1092 lodgepole

When not on a bike...or in the woods...we have put in a little time around the house. I love this place. It's so us!!! I like to let the chickens FREE range it while we are outside...they like it too.

They find their way into the tall grass on the berms and go to town! This is HEN #1...and she is the prettiest because she is at the top of the pecking order!
Meanwhile...Whitty is devouring cantaloupe. This kid loves melon.
But more importantly...I-keem!
This is the front of our little cabin...we are deciding what to do with the upstairs dormers...
1. apply larger wood panels so that it looks better or
2. Some type of adobe look or
3. Just stain it and leave it or
4. another cool idea?
Mom and Dad...did you notice all the shrubs/bushes are gone from the front?
We ripped them all out and laid down some for a little fresh paint on the lower half...
I can't pull Jordy away from my lilacs...he loves to trim them...he wants to MOVE them...but I won't let him.
The daisies I planted in my boxes are blooming...I love it!
My chives are out of control...and my little marigolds brighten up the back deck!
Looks pretty good huh?

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