Monday, July 18, 2011

Almost 2.

Whityn goes around saying "almost 2" all the time while holding up 5 fingers. Too cute.
These pictures were taken back EAST...I am having to recycle some images because I LOST my camera...*story later.
I can't believe how much Whitty McKay is talking. He answers questions...fully disobeys you...laughs with you...talks to the dogs, cat and chickens...remembers when we get close to home and says "almost home and whitty get our of car". He is a blast and tiring all at the same time. I FULLY believe that he is a 2 man job at a grocery store. I dare NOT take him alone unless I want to have a BREAK down!!!!
He is loving summer. We bought a PLASTIC know the one that you had when you were a kid...we have it by the chicken coop in the back and he does some WATER time every day unless we hit the BIG pool up at Targhee. He is loving swimming but prefers WARMER water.
On another note:
I have been exploring the mountains on Jordy's old mtn. bike and we started to entertain the idea of new mtn.'s a picture of my old bike shoved in the back of the MINI.
And here is a picture of my new bike....Jordy got one too except his is WHITE. So exciting.
I haven't gotten on my new bike just yet because of course they had to special order it...but have managed to DEMo a few bikes here and there and I have this little issue with flying over the handle bars...hopefully I will improve!!!!
Saturday night was an awesome night...we all went up to Targhee Music Festival til around 6pm and then Jordy took Whitty down to a babysitter and came back up for Franti....oh what a night!!!! I was front row!
Love this man. See him if you get the chance.
Good friends. Great music. Sunshine. Food. Beverages. Love. Summer Rocks!
The only bummer is while having a great time at the Franti show...I was jumping up and down and jumped my camera right out of my pocket. UGH. So, I will be begging, borrowing and stealing pictures until FUrther notice....

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