Saturday, July 2, 2011

We're home!

In case you were wondering....more ice cream this way.
What a wonderful summer trip. Vermont-New York-Canada-Back to New York...back to Vermont...
I finally got to see Vermont and that was so important to me for the longest time. Jordy did his undergrad there and always talks about it and ever since moving out west I have met so many wonderful friends that are from there. Vermont was everything I thought it would be from the Farmer's the rolling farm hills to the people being all about LOCAL. I loved it. Check out my paper llama earrings I scored at the market in Stowe.
We of course did our share of icecream eating...I had a bit too much! Whitty enjoyed it when Nonna would ask him if he wanted ice cream for dinner. I just rolled my eyes. I am so glad Whit got to meet Uncle Joe and Auntie Pat from down under. They have always been special to me.
After a week of being without Jordy...I was so excited to have him back by my side. My parents, Jordy, Whit and I made a little trip to Burlington to pick up a rental for us and see Church ice cream of course, sample some yummy beers and taste some local cheeses.
Of course on Church street...Jordy gets asks to be in the street performance....leave it to him to gladly accept. He got to hold the unicycle! Awe, isn't he talented...Whityn thought it was great. He kept clapping.
Way to go boys. Don't they look cute holding hands?
Whityn had the time of his life wherever he was. This kid loves to be outside...with bugs...with water...with dirt...with rocks...with flowers. He loves it.
The boys.
Jordy, whit and I took off on Monday for New York. We stopped in a cute little town before taking the ferry from Vermont to New York. We found this little waterfall right before taking the ferry boat across Lake Champlain into New York.
No road trip is complete without a little......ICE CREAM. We stopped in Utica at Friendly's...for lunch and ice cream...if you ordered off this one got the food, the soda and dessert....ewww. But we did it anyway!
Then we arrived in Fairport in the afternoon at Bill, Bev and Matt's house. Bev was ready with yard games...balls and bubbles. She must be a grandma! Whit loved there backyard and played tirelessly for hours..

Meanwhile...Bill was cooking up some steaks...I am terrified of mine...look how big it is....every year I eat my whole steak when we come to this year...I got an EXTRA large piece....needless to say...I didn't finish it.
Bill taught Whit an important life-long skill in the backyard.
Can you tell what it is?
Any guesses?
to spit.
Whityn spit enough to work up an appetite...and Bev served him double the whip about a happy toddler!

then we were such a mess we took a tubby!
It was the perfect welcoming to New York! As always...the Reeds do it up for us!
Thanks guys...we had a blast. See you next year!

I have a million stories to tell. A 100 pictures to share. I will be the night...when the sun is gone...

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